More popularity is the cause of destruction


Considering environment of daily life and present situation everyone want to lead  safe life normally. But how much we can safe in real life? Just think ?

Sometime we have seen in our society  after the death of father ,elder brother or sister take all responsibilities for look after their whole family members. Younger brothers and sisters  depend on elder brothers or sisters .Elder brothers or sisters try to keep good environment in the family. When younger brothers or sisters start incoming  works through jobs or business, economic progress of whole familes beginning up simultaneously. Main guardian of families  become  happy for their success. Sometimes we have seen when younger brothers enter married life wane communication or relation with other family members. Sometime those younger brothers can not control their new married wife. On the other hand some newly married wives do not feel shame insulting elder brothers .Elder brothers who have done hard work and sacrificed their own ambition ,expectations,  interests for welfare of younger brothers and sisters.But once a time those elder brothers and sisters face great shameful position. Is popularity become threat on that time? If we analysis political situation of past and present time we have seen political history in the world where noble respected leaders had sacrificed their lives and kept a great role for their motherland .Selfish corrupted people did not accept them as  good, accurate patriotic persons such as  -Father of the nation in Bangladesh ,Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman was the villain to  the dictator rulers of Pakistan .Because he worked for the freedom  of general people in Bangladesh. Beside that Mahatma Gandhi /Indira Gandhi sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India. President Saddam Hussain  sacrificed  his life for the freedom of Iraqi people.President Cornwal Gaddafi sacrificed his life for the welfare of Libyan people.These kinds of events have been occurring for a long period of time. Real fact is those patriot political leaders had always engaged themselves for the genuine welfare of general people of their countries. So opposite power planned wane their popularity by any pretext or deprivation. These type of rare noble people will always born  in the world till the end of the earth .On the other hand i am now going to  share  some of my personal experiences with readers. I have engaged social welfare organization in my area.I have successfully implemented public welfare plan through my own effort. Some lazy, jealous and corrupted people are not accepting my activities easily. But i do not do anything  for my personal profit  or interest just for familiar with the people of society. I shall not do anything for my own profit in future .Why the group of ominous power have been  botching eyes of  eighty percent  general  people. gradually communicating with political parties and high class powerful people. Thus cunning way  those ominous people are extending their power in their areas and achieving their heinous target  frighten general people.
Why? every human shall be get life again after death. What a devastating day on that day! We all human being will stand in front of Allah. Those bad people will also stand in front of Allah .Allah will be judged  every work of human being.
Those ominous bad people will be humbled by Almighty Allah  for their bad deeds. Those sinners new address will be imposed by Allah  in hell for ever.Of course they will  have been getting very painful punishment  for ever there which punishment will not be adding or deducting. For get rid of horrified punishment all people like us  always  try to observe  our duties with faithfully and try to avoid selfishness from us.Thus way we shall get bless of Almighty Allah.
Journalist,Social worker.