Shakib-Bubly confirm their child’s photo


Supper star Shakib Khan and Shobnom Bubly on Friday confirmed their relationship on social media. They also revealed some photos of their child named Shehzad Khan Beer.

“Shehzad Khan Beer, the son of mine and Shakib Khan, is our little prince. My child is my pride, my strength,” Bubly wrote on her verified Facebook page. She also added seven photos of her, her child and Shakib Khan with the post.

Later, Shakib Khan also posted a status with a picture on his verified Facebook page. “Shehzad Khan Beer, the son of mine and Bubly, is our little prince. My child is my pride, my strength,” the Bangla movie superstar wrote in the post.

Earlier on Tuesday, Bubly also posted two pictures of her ‘baby bump’ on her Facebook page that created curiosity among netizens. According to sources, Bubly became a mother at a hospital in New York, USA. She gave birth to a baby boy on March 21, 2020.

The actress went into hiding, after she gave birth to the child. She reportedly flew to the US on an Emirates Airlines flight in January 2020. After 9 months, she came back to Bangladesh for shooting. Bubly began her career as a news anchor. She made her acting debut in 2016, with “Bossgiri” co-starring with Shakib Khan. Since then, they have collaborated in multiple movies.


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