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All Media List care about the emotion of decent  readers. For that reason All Media List never propagate or broadcast  any perverted , indecent news.This site always supports   the development  of general  people. For promoting the  livelihood  of Bangladeshi people  All Media List  has added different  types of job oriented portals.

Job seekers  young generation  will get benefit from those portals which are being included  this site. People will able to read International  famous e-newspapers  as their wishes entering  All Media List site.

People who have great interest   for getting current  different  types of information swiftly by online news portals they will be happiest persons using current news based website All Media List.

People will  can read different  national  and international  news very easily.  All Media List always care about the rights of humanity  of Bangladesh.  All Media List is against  all discrimination on humanity. All Media List discourage all violence,  apartheid activities against  any nation.

our Privacy Policy

there have no any restricted portal link, no have any restricted post in our blog. we provide the educated link,news portal, university link in our site.

All media List  always honor the privacy  of the people .It also believes no one achieve  success in the long run  if  he or she has beguile and harassing  character. This is also applicable  for any organization  , media house or media site . All Media  List always obey the privacy policies , rules  and regulations  Of media in Bangladesh.

All Media  List against all yellow  journalism. This site don’t  propagate  or broadcast  any  yellow  journalism  based  activity. All Media  List site  don’t  propagate  or broadcast  anything  which may caused  furor among public  in sensitive  political  ,religious  or others  issues. Almost All Media List site don’t publish or broadcast  anything  which is disgraceful  for the sovereignty  of our dear motherland Bangladesh.