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All Media list Advertising price list


Place of AD Size Rate/month
A1 place- top banner (shown To all page) 900×100 px 90,000 BDT
A2 place 400×500 px 1,00,000 BDT
A3 place 400×100 px 40,000 BDT
A4 place 400×100 px 10,000 BDT
A5 place 400×100 px 5,000 BDT

Conditions of Advertisement

  1. According the  way and style of Advertisement  , the  honourable  advertisers  who have interested  for giving  advertisement  will  be must   paid advanced  money  on account of the price of advertisement before  publishing.
  1. You could  deal with us  from ( at least ) one month  to (at most) twelve  Here ‘month ‘ means henceforth  advertisement will be being published  first time as a first day to next 29 days total 30 days.
  2. you will must renew advertisement deal or agreement  after end of the time of   advertisement  deal.
  3. The price chart of advertisements might be changed  any time.But advertisers  who will have paid their money for definite  time ,they will free from extra charge of payment within definite period.
  4. If problems could have  being  notified  by subscribers where this site would be disappeared  in online for the  problem of server , problem  of management  of server for accidental  problem or any reason ; on that time charge fee of subscribers  will  not being applicable .Moreover   henceforth the  subscribers  will be staying  offline  we shall have been trying  to fill up the gap of time with accurate  compensation. If internet connection  would be   cut  down or stopped  for any natural and  national disaster  or the problem  of fiber optic cable on that time subscribers  would not  have   gotten  any compensate.
  5. Advertisers will free from the  charge fee of advertisement  making.