Covid -19 crisis and  delight of  Bangladesh


Farzana Sharmin: People of whole world have been  waiting for effective life saving  vaccine from  new devastating disease covid-19 or corona. Covid-19 or corona is new  disease of twenty first century. No one hear the name of this disease seven months ago. Corona is terrified contagious disease which has created pandemic  environment in this world. Specially people have been suffering a lot of trouble lack of effective any kind of  vaccine  when they are infecting  covid-19 in this year. So people are saying 2020 is the year of outbreak ,year of  bad luck ,year of lose and sorrow. According the United Nations Geo scheme total 11,955,857 people have already  infected corona virus  disease in the globe. Total 546737 people have already died for covid -19 in the globe. On the other hand total 168645 Bangladeshi people have already infected covid-19 inside  Bangladesh.

Total 2151 people died inside Bangladesh still now according to  survey report. World health organizations have said people will not get rid of this contagious disease until  vaccine invention.Covid-19 has battered hardly not only health of people in the globe but also economy of people in the globe. Many people have already lost their job in the world including Bangladesh .Many promising industries have closed their production.

Low incoming people and middle class people have been living miserable condition in the world including Bangladesh . In the capital city of Bangladesh  most of the tenants have  been leaving town for lack of money and jobs. How will they give rent when they have no jobs ?Many  uncivilized ,cruel owners of tenanted houses are driving away tenants forcedly during corona crisis. Even some of them have thrown out valuable academic certificates of tenants who are students. How inhumane those landlord are! Law enforcement agencies have already arrested those malicious land lords which act is really praiseworthy.

Besides these Bangladeshi people will  have seen  corruption free health sector where patients would not die We hope government should have taken strict action if landlords could not evicted and harassed tenants illegally until corona crisis will not removed .Besides that government should have taken effective cordial provisions if unemployed people could easily collect loan from banks for business. Shutdown condition of different factories should be removed if general people could have been working and running production again. Thus way Bangladesh will  be able regaining economic prosperity again .People of Bangladesh have heard one dignified news some days ago among most of   the sad news during covid-19 crisis. Globe Biotech pharmaceutical of Bangladesh has  claimed they  have invented covid-19 vaccine .

These Bangladeshi researchers groups  have  been working for developing  covid-19 vaccine since March 8 when first covid-19 patient was detected inside Bangladesh. They have gotten successful results from a clinical trial of vaccine on rabbits. They will be applied another trial on animal  of that vaccine in six to seven weeks. These researchers have expected that   covid -19 vaccine will found in market within seven months. Poor people could buy those vaccine in cheap price. This news is really delightful news for Bangladeshi people. Congratulation Bangladeshi researchers team who have been  trying for invention  effective  covid-19 vaccine. All Bangladeshi people hope your success.